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Plug and (dis) play. A media player so simple it fits in yor pocket. Technology

We have partnered with Screenly to deliver the best in custom content, design and hardware to enage your customers in various market places such as airports, bus terminals, department stores and restaurants.

Screenly Pro runs on a credit-card sized computer known as the Raspberry Pi. From this small device, Screenly Pro delivers amazing performance. It'll play flawless, full 1080p HD video, render web content and more.

With Screenly Pro and less than $100 worth of hardware, you can turn any modern TV or monitor into a vibrant digital sign. Screenly Pro can be used for anything from displaying advertisements to showing live dashboards with system statuses to featuring in-store infomercials.

•Live dashboards for your office.

•Educational info screens.

•In-store advertisements.

•Digital menu boards.

The most secure digital signage player ever

Contrary to many other digital signage players, most notably many Windows-based players, Screenly is fully locked down. There are no open network ports. This dramatically reduces the attack surface of our players. Moreover, our processes are confined and isolated using state-of-the-art technologies, such as SELinux, seccomp and AppArmor. Even if a hacker was somehow able to break in, their access would be limited.

One stop screen management

With Screenly Pro you can manage all of your screens from a feature-rich web interface. Create playlists for one or many screens, organize similar screens into easy-to-handle groups, and locate screens in need of service at a glance.

Installation is as easy as it gets: plug in a few cables for each device, and you'll be up and running in minutes. You won't even need to bring a keyboard to the location of your screen.

•Quickly set up new screens.

•Plug and play install.

•Screens run even when offline.

•Powerful organizational tools.

Status Monitor

Screenly checks every screen throughout the day to give you real-time screen statuses. View periodic screenshots of what's showing, and verify uptime and connectivity - all from a single web interface. With so much information available remotely, you can save time by no longer needing to check screens in person.

Automatic updates

Every Screenly Pro powered device performs maintenance and updates automatically, making multi-screen administration easier than ever before.

And Yes! With Passion,
We Custom Design Your Screens.

NEC P and V series for Large Scale Deployments

For large scale deployments The NEC P and V series is available with a built-in Raspberry Pi. This is a great piece of hardware that is designed for serious deployments. There is no external player to worry about, which means that it is easier to both install and it is more secure.



per month
  • • Screens x2
  • • Extra Screens $9.95 per month each
  • • 15 GB Storage


per month
  • • Screens x12
  • • Extra Screens $8.95 per month each
  • • 100 GB Storage


per month
  • • Screens x28
  • • Extra Screens $7.95 per month each
  • • 250 GB Storage


per month
  • • Screens x130
  • • Extra Screens $6.95 per month each
  • • 1100 GB Storage

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